About Us

The Baden Württembergischer Cricket Verband e.V (BWCV) is committed to develop Baden Württemberg as the premier cricketing state in Germany. As the primary representative of Deutsche Cricket Bund (DCB) in the region, BWCV is the only recognized association for development at the grassroots level and to continuously promote the welfare of its players and clubs in Baden, Württemberg, Saarland & Rhineland-Palatinate regions of Germany.

BWCV governs Regionalliga & Bundesliga of cricket in the region. BWCV tirelessly spearheads the development of Women’s cricket, youth & kids’ cricket in the region. The BWCV was founded during the year 2009 and affiliated to the Deutsche Cricket Bund (DCB) since its inception in Germany.

The Association has made steady progress from 2009 till date. Starting with 7 member clubs in 2009, BWCV has grown strong with 19 member clubs and counting. More than 500 players from diverse background in Baden Württemberg region have registered for Bundesliga & Regionalliga of Cricket in Germany. Regular representation of men, women & youth German national team from Baden Württemberg area stands as testimony for the meticulous work undertaken by BWCV over the last decade. BWCV & its member clubs have also been regularly appreciated and recognized by the Landessportsbund & Sportskreis for the excellent integration & inclusion activities undertaken over the last 5 years. The BWCV has grown from strength to strength and is one of the best-organized State Cricket Associations in Germany today.

BWCV owns no sports hall or ground assets. The leagues, training, development is promoted with the support of the member clubs & cricket enthusiasts. BWCV functions as a charitable organization and is run by the support of member clubs & DCB.